Who are you?

Hi everyone, my name is Ellen and I’m a college student living in the Bay Area! I’ve been drawing and painting digitally for several years, and traditionally for much longer.

How would you describe your own personality?

I would describe myself as quite fickle-hearted and obsessive in my interests, but loyal to my friends and family, and reasonably diligent in my work ethic. Concerning art, I think I have a little more fear than the average person, but I am trying to become friends with it. I think first and foremost I am a student, in that I hope to learn and grow my entire life.

Why are you working on Creatabu?

I was lucky enough to meet one of Creatabu’s founders in a figure drawing class, and she gave me this great opportunity to share my thoughts and resources with a larger audience.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I read a lot, I watch movies and TV shows, and of course, I draw.

What do you do for creativity?

As for creativity, I’m constantly struck by how unoriginal and unimaginative my work is. Not to be unfairly harsh on myself, but in the sense of realizing that the work out there is so much bigger, and fresher, and more exciting than anything you could think of on your own. For inspiration, I have folders. Hundreds upon thousands of references that caught my eye or moved my heart. This includes, but isn’t limited to: photography of all subjects, fashion, jewelry, concept art from all forms of entertainment media, graphic design, sculptural art, screenshots from movies, comic book art, drawings and paintings from all periods of art history, and of course, huge collections of work from the artists I love that are working right now. But really, anything that moves you is a sure bet.

What’s your zodiac sign?


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About Chalsea Chen
Practicing art and music makes happy. And if I can also cook 5 days in a week... then I will be the happiest person in the world! DLC, DLC, DLC...

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