Draw Run @Venice Art Crawl

Have you ever tried running and drawing at the same time!!? If not, now it’s your chance! Through Creatabu Draw Run, we want to encourage people to embrace their inner creativity and forget about being perfect and enjoy the moment of creating in the present. We imagine that even Rembrandt couldn’t run and draw. Now that we’ve leveled the playing field…come be an artist and have fun.
Plus you get to take home a one of a kind t-shirt masterpiece that you create!

You can watch some of our past art run videos here. Please RSVP via our evenbrite or meetup pages now! Looking forward to seeing you guys there.

What: Draw RUN (Draw and run at the same time! :)

Where: Venice Art Crawl Rose Ave & 3rd Ave

When: Thursday, 7-9pm, September 17, 2015



About Chalsea Chen
Practicing art and music makes happy. And if I can also cook 5 days in a week... then I will be the happiest person in the world! DLC, DLC, DLC...

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