Weekly Art Challenges!

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First off, we just want to say thanks for being part of the awesome giveaway we did over the summer! We had a lot of really amazing art and comments posted during that time. We really hope you guys keep up the amazing content!

For September we want to help you do that by giving you fun weekly art challenges! We’ll give you a different art challenge every week to help get your creative energy flowing. It might be drawing with your toes, or making a piece of art out of found objects, but the whole point is just to have fun! When you share your entry with us tag it art challenge and the entry with the most votes at the end of the week will be our winner. We’re giving away a brand new puzzle notebook every week of September, and we’re super excited to see what you create!

Here’s how you join in:

-Check out the post every week on Facebook

-Create your art and post it in the comments!

-Vote by liking other drawings!

-Have fun!

Here’s the first challenge:

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Go to Facebook and show us what you’ve made, right now!


About Rhiea
20 year old art student and social media intern. likes cats, drawing, and sleeping 24 hours a day.

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  1. here’s my attempt. can’t wait to see others.


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